A Stunning Bathroom Can Be Created in 8 Different Ways with Gray Cabinets

However, there are several strategies to overcome this clash and make sure that you end up with the bathroom you want without compromising your home décor or sense of style along the way. This might be a difficulty when your style doesn’t line with your initial vision of your bathroom.

1) Installing Pulls or Knobs of a Dark Color on Your Gray Cabinets

Try installing bathroom cabinets in a light grey color if you’re searching for something that’s a little bit more understated. Your area will look brighter as a result of the cabinets’ light color, and it will also have the sensation of being more open. Whether your bathroom cabinets are light or dark grey, you have the option of accessorizing them with brighter-colored pulls or knobs from Lily Ann Cabinets.

2) Opt For A Different Style of Faucet

A lot of individuals are under the impression that the style of their cabinetry and the style of their faucets have to be the same. Having said that, this isn’t always going to be the case all the time. It is possible to get away with installing a different kind of faucet in the bathroom even if you have grey cabinets.

For instance, a more contemporary faucet might look fantastic when paired with cabinetry in a light grey bathroom. You have the option of pairing a darker-colored faucet with a lighter-colored countertop on your vanity if you have dark grey cabinetry.

3) Decorate the Walls with Paint

Your bathroom design may benefit from a spectacular focal point in the form of a grey bathroom vanity cabinet. Consider painting the walls in your bathroom to match the color of the cabinets if you want to make the most of this appearance. Because of this, the area will have a unified and fashionable look that is guaranteed to wow.

Bathrooms that already have dark features, such as grey cabinets, will look much darker if you paint the walls white. Consider installing an accent wall in your lavatory if you want to spruce up the space with a more daring shade of paint.

4) Accent the space with Colorful Accessories

A bathroom that already has a vanity cabinet could benefit from the addition of a grey vanity cabinet. If you want to add a splash of color to your grey bathroom cabinets, try adding some colorful decorative pieces. Here are a few different approaches to take:

  • Add a bright rug.
  • Install a vibrant curtain for the shower.
  • Include some towels in hues that go well with the grey of your cabinets.
  • You should paint the walls in a color that goes well with the grey cabinets you have.
  • Put some flowers or a plant in a vase and place it on the countertop.
  • Put out on the counter some brightly colored soaps or creams.

5) Go Big On Mirrors

Any space can be transformed into a showplace by the addition of a grand and exquisite mirror. However, if you incorporate a grey bathroom vanity cabinet into the mix, it has the potential to truly take your design to the next level. If you have a grey vanity cabinet in your bathroom, hanging a huge mirror on the wall above it will make the area appear more open and light.

For an even more put-together appearance, install some sconces on either side of the mirror. Choose a cabinet for your bathroom vanity that is grey and features fascinating accents, such as carved wood or metal hardware.

6) Experiment with Different Colors of Lighting

Playing around with the different hues of lighting is one of the best ideas for grey bathroom cabinets. For a more peaceful atmosphere in the bathroom, dark grey bathroom cabinets can be paired with soft lighting, while stronger lights can lend a sense of sophistication to the space. You can also create a focal point in your bathroom by utilizing a variety of light fixtures in the space. Lights can be all the decorating you need on your grey bathroom vanity if you have a dim bathroom and want to brighten it up with lighting.

7) Hang Wall Art

Why not incorporate some wall art into your bathroom design if you plan to go with a grey cabinet? It can assist bring the whole room together and give the impression that it is more finished. Additionally, it can add splashes of color, which will prevent the space from feeling too drab. Depending on the precise shade of grey that your cabinets are, you may be able to match the color of your wall art by adding color-coordinated accessories like vases, flowers, and decorative things.

8) Fit the Cabinets with Shaker-Style White Doors

Even if you’re searching for ideas for grey bathroom cabinets, you might find that white cabinets are more suitable. Cabinetry from Lily Ann Cabinets which is of the White Shaker Elite variety is an excellent method for replicating the general appearance of grey cabinets without resorting to an excessively dark color. In addition, installing white shaker cabinetry in your bathroom can assist lighten the room and give the impression that it is larger than it actually is. Painting the walls grey or accessorizing the bathroom with grey towels and decorations can be the ideal solution for achieving a grey bathroom aesthetic while retaining white cabinetry.


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