Boost Hygiene in Your Bathroom with Smart Solutions

Keeping your bathroom clean and hygienic leads to a happy and healthy home. Recently emerging into the bathroom space is new innovative solutions guaranteed to boost hygiene for all families. 

Bathroom suppliers such as Caroma, Villeroy & Boch and Reece are developing the latest technology to ensure our bathrooms are clean, hygienic and incorporate the latest smart technology.

Superior Rimless Flush

Superior Rimless Flush

Rimless technology has features a cleverly designed bowl with innovative flush and flow technology, to create a cleaner clean every flush. The main comparison from a standard toilet is the rim, it now has been removed so there are no germs to accumulate. It now reduces the chain for less germs, dirt and grime to hide. 

The water flow has been improved with a controlled water flow which eliminates splash back, a more powerful flush for a full bowl clean and precisely flushes the full bowl to ensure it is more hygienic. 

Pricing on rimless toilets is now becoming more competitive as they have recently gained popularity. Our bathroom designers would recommend adding this new technology to your bathroom to a superior clean, simple but highly effective design update when you are considering a toilet for any bathroom.

Product Recommendations:

Reece : American Standard Cygnet Hygiene Rim Toilets  

Caroma: Luna Clean Flush

Turner Hastings : Narva Rimless

Smart Technology

From toilets, to mirrors and now the shower, Australians now have the ability to turn the complete bathroom into smart high tech. If you have travelled to Japan, or Europe you would understand the bidet functionality. Offering a wash, dry functionality and multiple senses it removes the requirements to use toilet paper. Our bathroom experience manager Summar mentions that people are wanting the latest bathroom technology to make their lives easier and cleaner. Smart toilets check all the right boxes when you’re after luxury innovative technology. 

Smart Technology

Product Recommendations

Reece: Roca In-Wash Smart Toilet

Uspa Bidet Smart Toilet Australia

Say Goodbye to Flushing

Something you may have noticed in shopping centres and airports but you can now install this latest technology in your home! 

Touchless dual flush glass panels are activated by sensors, meaning you only wave your hand in front of the button to trigger a flush. This is a practical and luxury addition to your bathroom. You won’t have anywhere for germs to spread. 

Product Recommendations



Bathroom Smart Solutions

Thinking about hygiene & cleanliness? 

Often one of the most common factors people forget when designing your bathroom, it is one of the most important. Inclusions such as rimless technology, sensor flush plates and smart technology are well worth considering when designing your bathroom. 

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