What Color Goes With Grey for Bathroom?

What Colour Goes With Grey for the Bathroom?


The “diplomatic colour” of grey is thought to stand for neutrality and balance. It’s a highly liked colour for contemporary bathroom tiles since it’s acceptable formal and adaptable in many uses. Here are some excellent wall colours that go well with grey tiles.

Try painting your bathroom wall with one of these colours if your tiles are primarily grey:


  • Light green or lime
  • Teal or Cobalt blue
  • canary yellow
  • Dark and light
  • pale pink


While grey and its tones have a timeless elegance, they can also work beautifully with different colours. The wall colours of green, blue, yellow, and pink are good options to either contrast with or balance the formality of grey. Keep reading as we guide you through a variety of wall hues to give your grey bathroom tiles a fresh new look!


Which wall colour looks best in a bathroom with grey tile?


Of course, picking the appropriate paint colour combinations is a significant part of decorating a home. The decision may be driven by personal preference or the requirement to match the colours of the fixtures and furniture.

However, monochromatic paints, such as grey for a minimalist style, are drawing more and more homes. However, we still aim to establish a delicate balance in our spaces between formal and whimsical designs, dark and light colours, etc.


Of course, adding some additional hues to grey can still maintain minimalism and flair.

Furthermore, walls do not always need to be painted in a simple manner. Along with choosing the proper paint colours for your bathroom walls, you can also use vinyl wallpaper or tiles with lovely patterns and colours to add some creativity.


Gray and Green


Some of the best green paint colours that complement grey tiles are lime and pastel green. Because it evokes nature and life, green can fully contradict grey and have a calming effect on the eye. Allow natural light to accentuate this wonderful combo by enhancing the appearance of your bathroom.


Gray and Blue


Visualize a beautiful, ice-capped mountain in grey against a vivid blue sky! You can do that in your bathroom. When combining these two colours, it’s simple to remember that warm grey combines well with warm blue hues and cool grey looks best with cold blue hues.

Blue symbolises water, therefore it makes sense that water would be cool. Therefore, to further add refreshing elegance to your already traditional grey tiles, we highly recommend painting your walls either cobalt or teal blue.


Orange And Yellow


To make the rustic quality of your grey tiles stand out, add a hint of yellow (such as mustard yellow or faint lemon yellow) to the walls of your bathroom. Anything dark can be made brighter and more upbeat by mixing yellow with it.


There are some lavish restrooms that purposefully have low lighting, especially in coffee shops and hotels. Consider painting your wall yellow or white if you want to utilise dimmable downlights specifically to conserve electricity. By doing this, you can lessen the sense of excess gloom in your bathroom, which is already dark.


Despite having a bright and cheery vibe, yellow paint should be carefully chosen. For instance, bright sunny yellow might not be the ideal choice for your bathroom or even in your bedroom!


Gray, White, And Black


Nothing surpasses the intriguing interaction of grey, white, and black when it comes to oozing elegance and modern simplicity. For example, using grey tiles on a white wall with black geometric patterns can combine minimalism and maximalism.


By consensus, all hues can complement either white or black. When illuminated with pendant lights or even simple ceiling lights, a bathroom with plain black walls frequently seems more attractive.


Gray and Pink


Pink is such a warm and tranquil hue. Many people associate it with love and tenderness, which, when combined with grey, can exude a joyful sensation. For instance, blush pink has the ability to effectively soften and brighten formal and stodgy tile or furniture colours.


However, using too much pink—especially in vivid shades—on the walls might not be the best idea. A pastel pink, for instance, according to design experts, tends to produce an oversaturated appearance. Plus, for some people, this colour might destroy their mood or make their anxiety worse.


Let’s help you find the best wallpaper and paint types for your bathroom now that we’ve discussed some of the best paint colours for rooms with grey tiles.



Different shades of paint evoke different feelings and moods. We all know that a restroom should be a haven of tranquilly and comfort. Therefore, you must select the appropriate lighting as well as colours for it.

Gray may have the appearance of being a lifeless, boring colour, yet it actually exudes formality, adaptability, and balance. Grey bathroom tiles can look better by being paired with mostly cool, muted, and positive colours.



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