The laundry, which is often seen as the least appealing room in the house, has long been assumed to serve just functional reasons.

This room, far from being just a place to wash and dry, demands just as much love and attention as the rest of your house.

Learn how to improve the aesthetics of your laundry room with these basic laundry room ideas that prove function and form can coexist harmoniously.


A towel rack is a typical and appealing feature in the bathroom, but you might be surprised to learn that it can also be really useful in the laundry.

Install a single towel rail beneath the laundry shelf or on the wall to provide a designated location for drying your clean clothes on hangers. When the weather becomes bad, this is one of the best washing ideas since it

eliminates the clutter of a fold-out drying rack.

You may use this hanging space to steam your clean clothes before packing them up, keeping them nice and crinkle-free.

eliminates the clutter of a fold-out drying rack.

You may use this hanging space to steam your clean clothes before packing them up, keeping them nice and crinkle-free.


Indoor plants are uplifting and inviting, and they effortlessly give vitality to any area. Adopting biophilic design components into your house is a great way to bring the outdoors in while also allowing you to appreciate nature’s wonderful attributes.

Bright, green vegetation can infuse life into otherwise drab laundry, and the practical benefits are just as impressive. Indoor plants are mood

enhancers that filter the air for a healthy environment while also calming the mind.

Examine the lighting and conditions in your specific room before selecting indoor plants as one of your laundry design ideas. Many of the best plants for bathrooms are also excellent for use in your laundry room.


If the aesthetics of your current laundry design is your major issue, merely updating your tapware and cabinetry hardware can make a significant difference.

Introducing matte black fixtures throughout the space is one of our favourite modern laundry ideas.

Brass tapware, is a convincing choice for those wishing to

develop a classy and timeless aesthetic.

Consider putting a robe hook and sink basket waste in the same colour to provide a sense of cohesion in your laundry. It will also promote a more balanced design.


For small laundries, a solid wood barn door can be an excellent choice, bringing character to the property without losing utility. This traditional door type slides to the side, taking up far less room on the floor than a swinging door.

Barn doors, while typically associated with farmhouses, are adaptable and may be incorporated into a variety of design styles.

Maintain the cottage motif with a coat of white paint, or match an industrial concept with a raw dark wood surface and a matte black tracking system.

Paint your barn door to blend in with the surrounding walls if you want it to go unnoticed. Alternatively, make it a standout feature by choosing a contrasting finish that catches the eye as soon as you walk in.


When it comes to laundry storage solutions, open shelves may make a big difference in the mood and function of a room. In small laundry rooms, going for an open shelf style rather than closed overhead cupboards might provide the sense of more space.

The exposed surface also provides an opportunity for creative display and design choices. For more consistent and sophisticated storage, put your laundry powders, stain removers, and fabric softeners in glass jars.

Alternatively, bring up some charming wicker baskets to keep your laundry essentials organised.

After you’ve properly placed the requirements, you can play with the placement of candles, colourful vases, and other pleasant treasures.


For those who have a front-loading washer and dryer side-by-side, there are various clever laundry benchtop solutions.

As a quick and inexpensive addition to your existing bench space, simply lay a strong wood plank across the top.

You may also build a waterfall benchtop with timber edges flowing towards the floor for a more beautiful area to put your laundry and fold your clean clothing.


A beautifully woven rug on your laundry floor may make an area that is ordinarily impersonal feel much more personal.

A good rug may appeal to all of the senses: brilliant colours and patterns entice the eye, while tufted wools provide the soles a break from the cold floor.

Choose colours that go in with the rest of your design, or go for a rug that is a work of art in and of itself.

The laundry room, as you can see, has a lot of potential. Your laundry room design can be both functional and attractive with some careful planning and consideration.


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