How Frequently Should You Make Changes to Your Bathroom?

How Frequently Should You Make Changes to Your Bathroom?


If you have found yourself on this page, it is likely because you are considering whether or not it is time to modernize the bathroom in your home.

Performing renovations in the bathroom is not something that takes place very frequently because it may be an expensive undertaking. The passage of time, though, can cause certain objects to deteriorate or break, or you may simply come to despise the design of your bathroom as the seasons’ change.

Several Telltale Indications That Your Bathroom Is Due for an Upgrade

If you are considering selling your home, investing in a great bathroom will help increase the price that you can get for it.

The majority of the items in your bathroom have suffered severe wear and tear damage.

Your bathroom has a really old-fashioned appearance to it.

How Frequently Should You Make Changes to Your Bathroom?

The plumbing professionals at LT Plumbing recommend giving your bathroom a makeover every seven to ten years. This is based on the typical lifespan of bathroom products, which can be short due to the fact that they are prone to harm from regular use. If you want to keep your bathroom from seeming antiquated or “out of fashion” too quickly, choosing colors that are neutral and will never go out of style is the best way to go.

If it’s falling to pieces, it has to be modernized.

When you’ve lived in the same house for more than seven years, the bathroom may begin to show signs of wear and tear such as rusting, leaking, and other vexing problems. As was just indicated, the typical lifespan of a bathroom is anywhere between seven and ten years on average.

Obviously, if it is well maintained and you are pleased with how it looks overall. There is no valid reason to suggest that you are unable to wait any longer before updating.

We are all aware that the cost of installing a brand-new bathroom may be rather high. Because remodeling is an expensive endeavor, our advice is to hold on to the bathtub and vanity unit for as long as you possibly can, and instead focus on modernizing the room’s fittings and fixtures to cut costs.

For instance, in the most recent few years, black faucets and showers have fully dislodged chrome from its place as the most popular finish shelf. Therefore, rather than completely remodeling your bathroom, why not just update it to a more modern finish and style?

It is highly recommended that you upgrade your bathroom if you are considering selling your home in the near future.

When you go to sell your home, you want to obtain the most money possible for it, and whether you believe it or not, a bathroom that has been updated and looks brand new will add more value to your home.

‘29% of properties sold in 2019 had a new bathroom fitted, so a comprehensive makeover might be the secret to selling quickly and earning more,’ according to Property Market.

Before you put your house up for sale, the kitchen and bathroom, which are two of the most significant rooms in the house, should be the first areas that you focus on renovating.

We know what you’re thinking, which is “Why would I spend thousands of dollars on a new bathroom, which I won’t even be using,” and we understand your dismay at the prospect.

However, the addition of a new suite will be a significant selling factor for your home and may possibly cause the price to go up.

Having said that, we will always give you some advice on how to keep the cost down while still ensuring that your bathroom is show-stopping brilliant:

Maintain the same layout you have now because moving sanitary goods like bathtubs or toilets would require relocating pipes, which would increase your costs.

If the fixtures and furniture in your bathroom are in decent shape, the only areas that need upgrading are the walls and floors. Altering the floor tiles or giving the walls a new coat of paint (while keeping the colors muted or neutral) are two examples of this.

If your bathroom is large enough, you should definitely install a shower as well as a bathtub. Families with younger children will find this to be appealing.

It Is Time to Update or Renovate Your Bathroom If You Do Not Like the Way It Looks.

It’s possible that you moved into your house quite some time ago, and you’ve only just now been able to save up enough money to renovate the bathroom, which has never really been the right fit for your taste.

The present moment is ideal for getting started on the restoration of the bathroom. Especially so if you intend to make this house your permanent residence for the next three decades!


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