The Guide to Create a Child Friendly Bathroom

When planning to renovate or build a new bathroom it is important to consider who will be using the bathroom and new additions to the family mean changes to your living spaces which include the bathrooms. Depending on the age of your children you may need to adapt your bathroom to suit their needs and the key considerations to think about include safety, organization, and maintenance. 

Here are our top three considerations when you’re planning a child-friendly bathroom. 

Consider Safety

We understand that kids love to play in the bat-tub and it is also their downtime to relax before they get ready for bed so safety in this space is critical. Our recommendations to create a child-friendly design that incorporates safety includes:

  • Nonslip surface tiles: Essential for every bathroom where children are living, for peace of mind it is recommended to opt for textured surface tiles for the complete floor of the bathroom. 
  • Install textured slip-resistant flooring for the shower 
  • Select a bath spout that swivels to the side to ensure the kids don’t knock their heads when playing in the bathtub
  • Choose a bathtub and basin with smooth curve surfaces to prevent any knocks. 
  • Recommended to install a thermostatic mixer in the shower to monitor the temperature to prevent dangerous scalds. 
  • Add a step stool so the kids can easily use the vanity and allow them to reach items on the bench without overstretching and knocking things over. 
  • Ditch the towel rails and opt for hooks, they can turn into a hazard in the bathroom with children. 
  • Taps not mixers will help the kids to optimize the temperature control easier and prevent burns. 
Consider Safety - Child Friendly Bathroom

Design an organized & practical space

Ensuring your bathroom space operates for a family is imperative for a successful daily routine

  • Select a vanity with plenty of storage, so it is easy for the children to access their daily essentials and not cause a mess
  • If you have a large enough space install 2 basins, this will help with your morning and nightly bathroom routine
  • Install handy hooks on the back of the door to ensure wet towels aren’t placed on the floor

Cleanliness & Hygiene Requirements

Every child loves splashing around in the bathroom and causing an endless mess for the parents so it is helpful to install items that will minimize this and leave you extra time to enjoy and relax. 

  • Install a wall-hung vanity and toilet suite. This will allow you to easily mop underneath the fixtures and clean them easily 
  • Consider a rimless toilet suite. By removing the rim it will allow for easy cleaning with no germs or dirt to accumulate, a new innovation in toilet suites. View the Roca Rimless
  • Select tiles that are high quality and resistant to water as kids love splashing in the bath 

Get Started for a Child-Friendly Bathroom

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