5 Ideas for Ensuite Bathrooms to Motivate Your Upcoming Renovation

Here are five ideas for ensuite bathrooms to help you plan your next renovation

Mastering the master bathroom can sometimes make you feel like a novice. Some of your grander ideas for an ensuite bathroom may not work because of the limited space, but you shouldn’t have to give up style for size. There are a lot of creative ways to honour the home’s ensuite bathroom and show appreciation for its usefulness.

So, we chose a bunch of our favourite projects and broke down how they were made to give you five ideas for yo

ur next bathroom renovation.

  1. Picnic Point Bathroom Renovation
The beauty of nature is evoked by the calming pastel hues, the grey terrazzo, and the white vj timber.  The perfect home hideaway is created by organic curves that soften the area.The bathroom brief was upscale but kid-friendly. All components must be durable.
There was a need for modern, clean textures. A bigger, more attractive, and functional bathroom was necessary because the clientele enjoy taking baths. To mimic the organic shapes found in nature, we incorporated curves throughout the design, with an LED oval mirror serving as the focal point.

The sage green concrete basin and freestanding bath mimic the rounded edges of the mirror.The white panel vanity and handmade concrete basin repeat soft finishes and materials.To promote tranquilly and peace, brushed nickel tapware and accessories go well with the delicately textured sage subway tiles.


2. Pyrmont Ensuite Bathroom Renovation 

This bathroom is lovely and practical, allowing natural light to enter the room and create a relaxing atmosphere that seems like a refuge inside your house.This style has a built-in bath and enclosed shower area that is considerably simpler to maintain clean.

In order to make the bathroom more functional, we added a nib wall that serves as a shelf and houses the toilet cistern. The customer chose an attractive and long-lasting Italian floor and wall tile as well as a white ceramic top with a finish that conjures the best of contemporary living to further enhance the room’s natural beauty.

For greater comfort, we fitted a wall-hung vanity with a wide square-shaped basin and matching wooden shaving cabinet for a cleaner, more natural appearance.It is possible to express oneself constantly in this lovely bathroom design by dressing it up or down, adding indoor plants and ceramic dishes, and using unique decorations.


3. Bronte Bathroom Renovation 

From floor to ceiling, the new bathroom has been turned into a true urban retreat. There are several pricey fixtures in this room. To keep the ambience grounded while also making this tiny bathroom bright and airy, the products

 chosen and their location have been carefully examined.

The bathroom now has brushed nickel faucets, a Toto bidet toilet, a round mirror, and a floating vanity with wood panelling. There are numerous sleek, contemporary elements now. Brushed nickel fittings, which go well with the vertically arranged white subway tiles, are a favourite of specialist Summar’s.

Waterproofing, electrical, and plumbing improvements were all part of the refurbishment. Our renovation crew was extremely professional throughout the building process and used their well-known abilities to pay close attention to every detail.


4. Coogee Bathroom Renovation

This Coogee bathroom has a calming colour scheme and organic mirror curves that soften the room and make it the ideal hideaway in the house. This is the area in the house that our client finds to be the most beautiful. Including a stunning terrazzo floor tile, handmade matte white square tiles with textured edges, a useful floating vanity made of timber, and a walk-in shower with an accompanying soap dish.

The white circular basin and custom-made timber floating vanity pair wonderfully with the mirror’s curving appeal and imitating organic features. This tiny space’s unique lighting is a Hollywood show-stopper; delicate lighting accents have raised the bar for this area.



5. Sylvania Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom layout was reconfigured, with ample storage space in the vanity, accommodating a freestanding bath tub, shower and storage to accommodate the family. The bathroom features white marble tiles on the floor, which sit nicely with a matte white wall tile and a round penny feature tile along the bath.

From the impressive led mirror light sits on the wall, with custom joinery, white shaker style cabinets and marble top. This bathroom is visually appealing, incorporating a beautiful balance of bright whites, natural lighting, and subtle textures.




Start Your Ensuite Bathroom Transformation

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