How to Add Value in Your Bathroom Renovation for Future Resale

Most time is spent in bathrooms (and kitchens). Professional bathroom renovations will certainly pay dividends when it’s time to exhibit your property and prepare for sale. Research by Harvard University’s predicted that homeowner spending in restoration and renovation projects will reach $420 billion in 2025.


If the grout can’t be cleaned and the tile looks old, replace it with ceramic or porcelain for a weatherproof surface. If you live in a cool climate, heated flooring might make morning showers more comfortable.

Vanity & Tapware

A minor component of your bathroom, but a big boost. Consider a double-sink vanity with storage over a small sink. Or upgrade to stone countertops.


Even replacing old hardware with brushed nickel or bronze may brighten a bathroom. Consider replacing them with durable, functional cabinets to appeal to future buyers.


A huge walk-in shower can improve the look of your main bathroom and home as a whole. Ensure you leave one bathroom with a tub. Buyers with young children will consider this an “essential.” 

Nick Zindel, an owner of Zintex Remodeling Group, believes tub-to-shower conversions have the highest ROI. “Many busy households don’t take baths. Having a walk-in shower also makes it easier to sell the home, since most remodelers want one.


Lighting fixture modifications can transform a bathroom’s aesthetic. Outdated lighting may make a room look dull. Especially if you paint the bathroom or install new cabinetry or hardware.


Improvements make the bathroom more comfortable and prevent mould or mildew on the ceiling. Upgrade your ventilation to protect your investment.


Accessibility will become more vital as the Australian population ages. Future homeowners who can’t access key amenities may not want to renovate. Widening entrances, adding support bars, and installing a walk-in shower will increase your home’s worth.

Additional Bathroom

Instead of renovating your sole bathroom, try installing a new one. Buyers with young children want more than one full bath to make bath time easier. Expect a higher return on a medium or upscale bathroom addition.

Renovating ideas with low ROI

Not all bathroom modifications boost the resale value or buyer appeal.

Jet tubs and steam showers may sound like a good idea in theory, but they’re hard to maintain and often break, necessitating costly home repairs. If you want a jet tub and can afford it, go ahead and install one. These upgrades won’t pay off.

DIY low-cost upgrades

Choose low-cost, weekend-long projects to boost your bathroom’s ROI. Fresh paint may give a tired bathroom a facelift. Blue bathroom paint might add $5,000 to a home’s worth.

Updating your lighting. Replace your mirror and add vertical shelves for more storage. Install a low-flow, elongated, comfort-height toilet.

These changes cost less than big remodels but will resuscitate a dreary bathroom for potential buyers, increasing your resale value.

Neutralise design

To maximize your bathroom’s ROI, make your design selections neutral. Choose classic or conventional bathtub, cabinet, vanity, and fixture styles. If you expect to be put for a while, feel free to get creative with your design.

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