How Much Does A Bathroom Renovation in Sydney Cost in 2022?

Whether you’re looking to update your forever home, increase the rental return of your investment property or increase the value before you sell then you will be considering a bathroom renovation. Before you undertake any work you will want to understand how much a bathroom renovation will cost when living in Sydney. 

When it comes to bathroom renovations, no two jobs are the same, so it is hard as many variables involved in renovating the bathroom that affect the cost, from the size of the room, tiling height required, quality of the fixtures and fittings.  

Thankfully we have sat down with our bathroom expert Kelvin to share some light with key considerations and pricing expectations. 

How much should I invest in my bathroom?

When you begin your bathroom renovation journey we recommend a general rule of thumb is to invest 5%-10% of your home’s value into the bathroom renovation. The main bathroom and ensuite are vital rooms in the home and critical they are stylish and functional. It is not recommended to run the risk of cutting costs as it can end up being a bad decision if quality of work is compromised. 

Small Bathroom Renovations

Smaller scale bathroom renovations will cost from $20,000-$30,000. This cost will include bathroom design, demolition of the existing space, supply and installation of materials, fixtures and fittings, all labour with trades and project management. This price point you will not expect any major changes or updates to the layout, entry level to mid range finishes and stone benchtops. Your bathroom will be rejuvenated with a whole look and feel to your bathroom.

Large Bathroom Renovations

Large scale bathroom renovations will cost from $25,000-$45,000. This cost will have the same inclusions as a smaller scale renovation and potentially re-configuring the plumbing and electrical layout.  With large bathroom renovations you will be able to indulge in the luxuries which include concealed toilets, double showers, underfloor heating or feature tiles. 

Large Bathroom Renovations

Alternatives If You’re Not Ready to Renovate Yet

If your budget is not just quite there yet you can look at ways to refresh your current space without hurting the bank account. Alternatives include installing a new vanity, painting your bathroom or installing a new showscreen 

Understand the breakdown of costs 

When our design team meets with clients we provide a detailed explanation of their unique space so you can clearly understand what will be completed. To ensure you are with costs we have a little guide which explains why costs would increase. 


  • If you decide to move the plumbing fixtures or points it will cost additional or require installation of additional elements 
  • Built in acrylic or fibreglass bath is entry level option, a freestanding bath will increase the costs and if you decide for stone even more so
  • Standard back to wall toilet suites are the entry level option, if you want to install a concealed cistern with pan this cost will change


  • Depending on the size of your bathroom and if your tiling the walls right up to the ceiling this would affect the price. 

Reputable Expert Bathroom Renovators

Investment into bathroom renovations in Sydney Can be quite costly so it is important not to base your decision on the cheapest quote you obtain as it can be indicative on the level of quality and service provided. With plenty of trades and bathroom renovators in Sydney ensure your project manager and trades provide high quality workmanship that will last. 

Let’s Get Started

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