Our Top 4 Considerations When Designing a Hampton’s Bathroom

In the world of bathrooms, an emerging look we are designing and creating is Hampton’s Look. Sydney residents that live close to the beach are incorporating Hampton’s design, its coastal, timeless and more importantly it creates an oasis and your own home, a spa-like retreat.

Our bathroom designer Summar explains that when creating a Hampton’s inspired bathroom you must consider the colour palette, materials which will be used, the vanity, tiles and lighting.

Hampton's Bathrooms Sydney

Inspired From Long Island, New York

Hampton’s design was inspired by a group of villages called The Hamptons on Long Island, New York which now represents elegant and relaxed coastal living. Classic Hampton’s design from the long island included timber panelling, high ceilings, timber floors, white timber vanities, a pop of coastal colours and natural lighting. 

From new york to now the streets of Sydney, it is an emerging bathroom trend that is here to stay. If you live in the coastal suburbs of Bondi and Coogee, or if you seek to bring the coastal vibes to the inner west, this style will bring you relaxation and happiness wherever you live in Sydney.

Hampton's Bathrooms

Our Top 4 Considerations When Designing a Hampton’s Bathroom

1. Vanity Selection

Creating a Hampton’s bathroom oasis all comes down to the colour palette selections. Our designer would recommend neutral tones, such as whites, marble, soft blues and light greys. We recommend using a main feature colour for example white and then laying accessories with pops of colour, textures and decorative pieces in your bathroom. 

TIP: Use Dulux Vivid white for all architraves, windows, doors and ceilings. Dulux colour guides are a helpful tool to select colour palettes.

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2. Vanity Selection

The vanity in a Hamptons-style bathroom is usually a feature, this is usually white and features shaker cabinetry and a marble countertop. Hampton’s trends embrace pops of colour and you can add some unique style with brass, brushed nickel or chrome handles to match the tapeware. Individualise your bathroom with a shaker-style vanity from Turner Hastings.

TIP: If you like to add a pop of colour select the vanity or a feature tile, this will blend seamlessly through your home and create a beautiful Hamptons look.

3. Lighting

Lighting in a Hamptons bathroom is an essential consideration and often makes a statement itself. Hamptons bathrooms are all about being comfortable, coastal vibes and livability.

Natural lighting is a big yes for us. Large windows to beam down into the bathroom. Hamptons style is about creating a luxurious and inviting space. 

Statement lights from Beacon Lighting can also be added to create a statement in the bathroom and will tie everything together. Sitting neatly on the wall above the vanity they bring a sense of warmth and a subtle layering technique.


4. Tiles

To create a Hampton’s look, tiles are key and there are so many to choose from! Our top picks are white subway, they are a common choice and are always timeless and pair well with shaker-style cabinetry. Layering tilers in different patterns such as herringbone or penny tiles from Designer tiles can create interest and textures. 

TIP: If you want to nail Hampton’s look remember to use whites as your colour base and choose elements wisely, gently layer in textures and accessories with pops of colour.

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