Our Top Ideas for Your Hampton’s Bathroom

If there is one thing we know, it is that Hampton’s bathrooms are here to stay. Influenced by ‘The Hampton’s, a group of villages on the eastern coast of Long Island, New York. Australian influence mixed with Hampton’s exudes coastal style mixes timber, marble, whites, and pops of light blues. Practical yet timeless, a Hampton’s bathroom is well suited for families but for any potential buyers in the future as well.

Ensuring your Hampton’s bathroom looks and functions at its best might mean adding slight variations to suit your needs. However, the big question is – how do you decide which Hampton’s key designs suit your personal style? Here are our top designs for a Hampton’s bathroom whilst living in Sydney.

Hampton’s bathroom

Minimal Luxe

At Fresher Bathrooms Sydney, One thing our designers love about Hampton’s bathroom is the clean classic color palette. Whites, marbles, and soft greys. Minimal space, keeping floors, walls, and furnishings white will always give the illusion of a larger area.

White on white is classic and timeless, perfect for now and going into the future. Minimal clean palette bathrooms give a fresh and bright feel to the space. Combine this with window glass, and round illuminated mirrors to give the ultimate luxury feel to the bathroom.

Style Checklist

  • The minimal white color palette 
  • White on white floors and walls 
  • Select a round illuminated mirror 
  • Marble tiling and brass tapware for luxury features
Minimal Luxe

Blue Hues

When you bring the Hamptons bathroom into your home, the flash of blue hues gives an ocean ambiance. Whether you live next to the sea or in the country you can always add pops of colour to brighten your space. Mix blue into your bathroom through tiling, cabinetry, or accessories. There is an abundance of ways you can incorporate this style with your bathroom so it can blend consistently throughout the home.

Coastal bathrooms that mix blues and whites let us imagine the beachside retreat, they are bright and breezy, where nature takes center stage.

Style Checklist

  • Select a soft blue color palette 
  • Choose a freestanding bathtub and stainless steel tapware
  • Feature the tiles or vanity with blue hues
  • Natural lighting is a must
Blue Hues

All About the View

Does your bathroom have an amazing view? Classic Hampton’s design incorporates breathtaking views of the seaside. A freestanding bathtub is positioned at the open window so you can gaze at the sea.

Smell the salt and hear the waves crashing down, every bathroom by the sea should incorporate classic Hamptons designs. Hampton’s bathrooms with the ultimate view are classic and feel like a luxurious retreat.

Style Checklist

  • Position the freestanding bathtub for the ultimate view
  • Add blue hues for coastal vibes
  • Incorporate easy craft paneling for a unique space 
  • Add marble for luxury elements 
All About the View Hampton’s bathroom

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