Small Bathroom Design Ideas

If you have a tiny bathroom you too can make it beautiful and a space you truly love to escape in, our bathroom designer Summar has given you some of her top tips with how you can transform your bathroom into a practical and vibrant room in your home.

Wall Hung Vanities
Floating or wall hung vanities instantly make a small bathroom larger and uncluttered, a great invention and also make the space easy to clean! Small vanities include an integrated basin with tap hole for the basin, a clean and streamlined beautiful design for a tiny space. Our favorite pick this season is ADP small space vanities, compact with timber or matte white selections, allowing you to suit the small space with your main, for an ultimate seamless bathroom design. 

Large Format Tiling
When selecting tiles for a small bathroom is essential you select a large format, this helps create an illusion of more space. Less grout lines and breaks up the visuals, helping make the bathroom appear larger, have a higher ceiling and nicer to the eye. A feature tile in a small bathroom will add to the design, they come in many shapes and sizes, try something different to add texture to the room but be wary of a complex tile in a small bathroom as it can be too overwhelming, chat with one of our bathroom designers to find the perfect balance. 

Statement Mirrors
Summar our bathroom designer will tell you mirrors can instantly transform your small bathroom space, make it feel bigger and create a wow element. When designing your bathroom choose a large mirror, play with a variety of shapes and don’t be afraid to add some excitement with LED lighting to lift the room. View our blog with more tips about illuminated mirrors.

Natural Lighting
Ensure you have natural light in your bathroom, this will allow you to have the optimal view and enhance the small space. Think skylights and large windows. Natural sunlight helps create a sense of warmth and relaxation in any bathroom. Optimise the natural lighting with plantation shutters for privacy when required.

Simplicity & Luxury
Simple designs and a decluttered bathroom will turn the space into something beautiful. Incorporate smart design solutions such as recessed shaving cabinets to hide all your bathroom essentials, add a touch of luxury with underfloor heating, an affordable addition to a small bathroom or heated towel rails to keep you warm during winter. This simple additions will turn your boring small bathroom into something fabulous!

Start the Transformation
Are you ready to renovate your bathroom? Our Fresher bathrooms team are the leading experts in Sydney, experienced with design and construction, we help you with small or large scale projects. With completed over 100 bathroom projects and many reviews from previous clients we are proud to offer our clients 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.Contact us today for a design consultation, book online or call 0466 594 042.