The most common bathroom designs for 2024, REVEALED!

Deciding on your bathroom design and how to create impact but remain on budget is a key element our clients struggle with here in Sydney. Reality is there a lot of bathroom ideas we want to incorporate into the space however for the ultimate space we can’t pick everything.

Whilst simplicity is key we have picked some of the most common bathroom renovation designs for a seamless and successful bathroom project. 

Coastal Hamptons

Childhood memories. Collections from the seashore and beyond. Driftwood centrepieces. Coastal is the enduring beachside retreat where city stress fades away in a heartbeat. It’s bright and breezy and where nature takes centre stage.

Style Checklist

  • Choose white baths and basins with soft curves and chrome or stainless steel tapware 
  • Use natural and even textured tiles such as stone or stone look tiles, timber or concrete 
  • Use grout that matches the tile colour
  • Make it even more spacious by running floor tiles all the way up the walls 
  • Style with timber or bamboo accessories (think stool, bath caddy and scrubbing bru

Neutral Colour Palette

The simplicity of a modern palette is the perfect panacea to a hectic schedule featuring a clutter free,largely neutral décor. Modern is restrained but bespoke when a bold splash of colour or dynamic forms are used. No need for loads of accessories or distracting patterns in your sp

Style Checklist

  • Keep your space clutter free
  • Be brave and select a hero tile like a 3D tile on the wall or a geometric floor tile 
  • Choose wall hung vanities and toilet to get a ‘clean’ look 
  • Personalise your bathroom with a simple decor item or splash of green

Statement Tiles

Always warm and welcoming, this style is timeless and is inspired by high trends from the past, reminiscent of a five-star European classic hotel. It feels familiar and elegant and holds lots of surprises.

Style Checklist

  • Go for a light and bright country look or opt for a moodier scheme with contrasting light and colour accents 
  • Make statement tiles the feature 
  • Use traditional rounded tapware and decorative handles in chrome, gold, rose gold, brass or white
  •  Shaker style cabinetry is perfect
  •  If your floor or wall tiles are the feature, take their colour onto your splashback. Or opt for light coloured subway, herringbone tiles or a ‘pressed-metal’ look cera

Illuminated Lighting

Enjoy luxury statements in your bathroom. It’s time to get creative with your choice of mirror – from ovals, to circles, semi-circles, your options are literally endless. You will see more and more creativity when it comes to bathroom mirrors this year.

Style Checklist

  • Choose modern tapware
  • Run your tiles to the ceiling 
  • Subway matte tiles to create ultimate wow factor 

Our bathroom design advice is to pick one standout feature with your bathroom and design the remaining of your fixtures and tiles around this. It is important to take a close look at how your elements will look together before making the final decision. 

Want to start your bathroom renovation and create a seamless design and successful project? Book in your FREE in-home consultation with one of our experts today!

bathroom designs for 2020 coastal hamptons