What Color Bathrooms Are in Style?

When it comes to expressing oneself, colours play a significant role. The colours of the furnishings we choose to showcase in our homes and the way we paint the corners of our homes say a lot about who we are as individuals. The following is a list of the best colours that the top bathroom remodelling company suggests you take into consideration if you are thinking about painting a new house or renovating an old home.


  1. The olive green hue will be the number one trend in bathrooms in 2023.

Perhaps it’s because many of us have become “plant parents” during our time at home (and my goodness, does the indoor plant collection explode out of seemingly nowhere! ), combined with our strong goals to be more environmentally conscious and reduce our carbon footprints, but we can anticipate seeing a lot of earthy, natural green tones that are comparable to Olive Oil. We anticipate that this colour will be used in master bedrooms, living rooms, and bathrooms to create an atmosphere that is relaxing and reminiscent of being in nature.

     2. Blue.

In fact, the Dulux Colour of the Year 2023 is Bright Skies, which is a light blue that they describe as an “airy and fresh tone that opens up and breathes new life into any space.”* This colour appears to be ideal for re-inviting guests into our homes and beginning the process of entertaining once more. Blue tones have been seen as the most prominent in the 2022 forecasts.

It should come as no surprise that the colour blue has become increasingly popular as the COVID-19 pandemic develops. Blue connotes tranquilly, gentleness, serenity, steadiness, and faith, in addition to being the colour of the sky and the sea. We anticipate seeing all tints of blue, from soft to bold, and with every imaginable undertone, from so grey that it’s impossible to call it blue anymore to all the way to primary blue. This will occur across the spectrum, from soft to bold.

With the selection of lighter tones of blue, we can still anticipate seeing a lot of white as a complementary colour, along with some of the green stated earlier being utilised as the décor colour – think rugs and painting, in addition to the plants that some of us have been tending to.



  1. Vibrant pops of pink, yellow, and orange:

We are aching for excitement despite the fact that life in the entire world has ground to a halt and all activities that could be considered “fun” have been cancelled or postponed. We want our amusement back, whether it be letting our hair down at a concert or music festival, going somewhere with a crowd of people such as a convention, or even shopping at a local market.

Pantone and British Paints both believe that there will be an explosion of vivid and vibrant pink, bright yellow, and mango orange this year. It is time for some eye-catching colours to enter our life because the safe millennial pink that has prevailed for the previous couple of years has seen its heydey. Millennial pink has seen its heydey.

We anticipate that in 2023, these colours will be used as choices for paint and tiling, and we anticipate that these colours will complement each other, such as when green is coupled with orange or green is coupled with pale blue.

  1. Classic white:

It’s difficult to see a future in which restrooms won’t be decorated in predominately white tones. Bathrooms that are painted white have a natural tendency to look cleaner and brighter, they are less likely to “date” as quickly as bathrooms painted in brighter or more vibrant colours, and they are better at amplifying the effects of natural light.

In spite of this, there is no reason to believe that you will be constrained by traditional white in the year 2022. Many contemporary designs now integrate marble or subtle patterns as a way to give an element of creative flare to the base colour.


     5. Dark Colors

When used appropriately, the colour black may provide the impression of superior craftsmanship and opulence in upscale bathrooms, making it a popular colour option for these spaces. Black and other dark colours may predominate the colour scheme of the bathroom, or they may be used in a more understated manner as accents or feature sections in whiter or lighter bathrooms, for the purpose of adding a bit of extra “zing.”

In 2023, we anticipate seeing a trend towards the use of the colours black and grey in the restoration of bathrooms.


In 2023, which of these popular trends in bathrooms do you plan to use?

The conclusion is as follows: Personally, we adore all of the available options, and we are really excited about the prospect of incorporating some of these designs into our upcoming bathroom improvements. Get in touch with us here at Fresher Bathrooms if you are considering remodelling your bathroom or other parts of your home but aren’t entirely sure how the design process works.


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