What Costs The Most in a Bathroom Remodel?

Typically, labor, tile installation, and bathroom fixtures are the three most expensive aspects of a bathroom remodel. Other factors, such as plan modifications, a shower, etc., might increase the budget based on your preferences. Continue reading as we discuss each of these components in more detail. The size of the project has a direct impact on bathroom remodel prices. It will outline all the tasks you must complete and list all the supplies you will need. Remember that your entire budget will be greater than expected if you’re shifting walls, or moving the shower, toilet, or bathtub.



How Much Does It Cost To Remodel A Bathroom?

A partial or do-it-yourself bathroom makeover can cost between $18000 and $45000, or even more, depending on the ideas and materials you select. You’ll see, however, that when we break down the bathroom remodeling process, this figure merely scratches the surface.


Scenarios Changing the Price

These three pricing ranges will cover 98% of all bathroom renovations.

Good: $19,000 – $24,000

Replacing existing fixtures with new ones in the same position cost less to complete. It comprises items that are readily available at any home improvement retailer.

Improved: $24,000 to $29,000

Installing new fixtures in the same spot with expensive finishes. This usually involves more expensive upgrades like a marble-topped bathroom vanity, etc.

Best: $30,000 – $50,000

Replace with brand-new fixtures, relocate existing fixtures, use premium materials, and lay new tiles. In this one, you might also be moving the bathtub, toilet, and other furnishings.

When you are aware of the most expensive component of a bathroom makeover, you may concentrate more on how much money should be spent on each component. Do you want the tile to cover the entire bathroom? Do you intend to relocate your current fixtures? Here is a list of the factors that are most likely to raise your renovation expenditures.

The Most Expensive Part of Renovating a Bathroom

Moving Fixtures Cost

Are you going to move the sink or the toilet? Think about paying $2500 to $3500 upfront for plumbing fixtures. This is true since changing the bathroom’s floor design will significantly increase the cost of the plumbing. Moreover, the most challenging part of a makeover is moving the toilet. Particularly when linking the toilet to the sewer, it will be necessary to have professional assistance.

Sinks and toilets can cost between $2,500 and $3,500 each to move. When a bathroom’s floor layout is changed, plumbing costs might significantly increase. The most expensive item to relocate is the toilet.

Speaking of the toilet, your plumber may find it challenging to connect the toilet to the existing sewage line. The slope affects the sewer pipe. The sewer line pipes maintain a particular slope to drain effectively.

If the house is constructed on a concrete slab as opposed to a raised foundation, there is an additional level of difficulty. Homes with concrete slab foundations require concrete cutting in order to move new pipes, which frequently makes things more difficult.

Therefore, it’s imperative that you consider each of these variables before you begin upgrading your bathroom. Now, if you believed that the fixtures were the most costly? Wait until you find some beautiful tiles for your renovation.



Tile Work 

Just like any other room in your house, the bathroom needs tiles to improve the way it feels and looks. Tiles—whether traditional, subway, or accent—are the main expense component of bathroom remodeling.

Let’s find out more about the impact of tilework on overall remodeling expenditures. It will take one week to professionally tile your bathroom, and tile work is more expensive to do. While the installation process normally takes 4 days to complete, preparation takes roughly 1 day.

It also depends on how many tiles you want for the walls and floors of your bathroom. You might need a wall covered in tiles from ceiling to floor, an accent shower panel, or even the entire bathroom to be tiled. Your budget will be considerably impacted by whatever you decide.

Your remodeling prices will increase or decrease depending on the choice of tile design. However, depending on the number and style of tiles you want to install, high-end, top-of-the-line tiles might cost anywhere between $5,500 and $7,500.

Stock vs. Custom Vanities

The bathroom vanity is the next component of your bathroom remodel that will drive up your cost. When it comes to selecting the bathroom vanity, you have two choices: stock or custom-built. 

Expect to pay two to three times as much for custom cabinets as you would for a ready-to-assemble (RTA) vanity. To put things into perspective, a stock/RTA vanity will run you between $900 and $1900, while a custom, made-to-order vanity will run you between $2000 and $4800, depending on the level of craftsmanship, finish, and hardware options.

However, let’s examine the benefits of both pre-made and custom vanities so you may choose which option is best for your bathroom.


Benefits of In-Stock Vanities

  • Stock cabinets are more than simply your typical particle board items. There are premium and top-notch vanity alternatives on the market.

  • Don’t get inexpensive particleboard cabinets. Instead, use sturdy plywood cabinets that can withstand normal wear and tear.

  • Stock vanities are elegant and cost- and time-efficient.

  • You can install some visually appealing standard vanities without going overboard if you’re careful with money.

  • Stock vanities are affordable, made of higher-quality materials, and simple to install.

  • It has countless design and style possibilities.

  • In contrast to custom vanities, it has a shorter lead time.



Advantages of Custom Vanities

Higher-quality materials are used to create custom vanities.

  • High-quality materials are used to construct vanities, which will appear better and endure longer.

  • Each drawer or cabinet can withstand the rigors of daily living without missing a beat thanks to the higher-quality stains and finishes that have been applied to it.

  • Your space’s specific requirements for width, depth, and height can be taken into account while building a custom vanity. It will produce a better functional design, more usable space, and a cleaner appearance.

  • It is custom-made to your specifications and will fit your space perfectly.

  • Even while it is more expensive than prefab or semi-custom vanities, it is crucial to remember that you will end up saving money in the long term

How Much Money Should I Put into Remodeling My Bathroom Exactly?

When beginning your journey to find out how much your bathroom remodel will cost, the great place to start is to follow this useful rule of thumb.” It is recommended that you put between 5 and 10 percent of your home’s value into the renovation of your bathroom. The bathroom is a critical area in your house to get right the first time as it needs to not only be functional and elegant, but most importantly, it needs to be watertight. The kitchen is the heart of your home, and the bathroom is the second most important room in your home after the kitchen. If you want to avoid making a decision that could end up being very expensive in the long run, don’t take any chances by trying to save money on your bathroom remodel.


It is imperative that you do not base your decision to renovate based on the lowest price estimate you receive because this may be an indication of the level of service that will be offered. Investing in the services of a trained project manager and professional craftsmen will guarantee that the work that is done for you is of the highest quality and that the end result will be durable.


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