What is the most popular bathroom vanity colour?

What is the most popular bathroom vanity color?

The question of what colors to use for bathroom vanities is a prevalent topic among interior designers and homeowners who wish to create the spa-like bathrooms of their dreams. It’s fun to look back at lists of the most popular vanity colors that 2021 had to offer, but we’re now in 2022, and we need to go beyond that. In a perfect world, the colors you select for your bathroom vanity should provide you joy for many years to come. You must ensure that the vanity in the bathroom looks great and is suitable with the color scheme and design that you’ve picked for the rest of the spa bathroom renovation. As a result, while considering the finest colors for bathroom cabinets, don’t think of them as a separate component from the rest of the space. Instead, think of them as a seamless extension of the whole motif you’ve chosen for the bathroom, including the light fixtures, tiles, shower and tub, and so on. Now that we’ve established that, let’s discuss some of the most popular color trends for bathroom vanities that are currently available, as well as how they might combine with your forthcoming bathroom renovation project.


  1. Current Bathroom Vanity Color Schemes Taking inspiration from Pantone

Pantone, the color authority for designers, chooses a top color for the year every year. This color is referred to as the “color of the year.” They also chose colors that can be blended in exciting and creative ways. Before starting any home renovation project in Pittsburg, including choosing colors for your bathroom, visit the Pantone Color Oracle. “Very Peri,” a lovely shade of periwinkle that you should definitely consider utilizing in the décor of your bathroom, is the most popular color of the year. Pantone created this new periwinkle to evoke the serene sensation of blue while still bringing a little of the dynamic energy that red brings to the table, or more fittingly, to the bathroom vanity.


  1. A blue vanity unit for the bathroom

Diverse shades of blue are still popular in bathrooms, continuing the heritage of blue as a dominant color in this space. There are numerous blue colors to choose from for your bathroom vanity, ranging from light sky, eggshell, ocean, and rain-blue tones to dark cobalt and navy hues. There is bound to be a blue shade that will match the color scheme of your blue-toned bathroom or a bathroom where the blue tone you want is complementary to another shade. Pantone recommends warm yellows like “chai tea” or “celery” as complementing colors this year.


  1. Bathroom Vanity Units in Black

Despite the fact that many people ask us which option is best, you have the option of painting the bathroom cabinets a lighter or darker color than the walls. If you insist on a dark vanity, we recommend brightening the remainder of the bathroom to compensate for the vanity’s gloom. Black vanities are not only eye-catching, but also attractive and luxurious, and they complement a wide range of color schemes. You are not limited to a universe devoid of all hues of color because, of course, there are several degrees of black.


  1. Bathroom Vanity Units in White

For many years, white has been the color of choice for bathroom vanities that are preferred above all others. It never goes out of style, and there are many other types of white—not just “paper” white—rather than just one. Because it has been so widely used for so long, there is always the danger of overuse. Depending on whether you want a warmer or cooler white vanity in your bathroom, you may want to look into alternative shades of white that include gray or beige undertones. This is due to the presence of gray or beige elements in other types of white.


  1. Green Finish Bathroom Vanities

The incorporation of natural materials into the design of bathrooms is a trendy trend that isn’t going away anytime soon because nature is timeless. There are several different greens that are popular right now, ranging from sage and light pine to seafoam and mint. Pantone recommends mixing their “Granite Green,” “Greenbriar,” or “Tourmaline” green colors with the Very Peri color this year. Green is a highly relaxing color that contributes substantially to the overall ambiance of a spa.


  1. Bathroom Vanities in Brown and Beige

While we’re talking about the great outdoors, beige and brown tones reminiscent of natural wood tones or desert colors are really fashionable for bathrooms this year. Browns add warmth to the bathroom, which may be especially nice on cold winter days. Browns in this category might range from warm beige to dark chocolate. Again, browns are natural, they mix well with a wide range of other colors, and they can be included in virtually any nature-inspired bathroom design scheme.


  1. Purple Vanities in the Bathroom

Purple, indeed. Consider something majestic and lavish. Furthermore, the popular periwinkle color this year is actually a shade of purple, making it a perfect choice for the color scheme of this bathroom vanity. Deeper, darker, and richer colors will be favored in 2022, following the trend observed in the rest of the home. If you consider blackberry or currant, lavender or orchid, you can create a bathroom vanity that not only attracts attention but also makes you feel like royalty on a daily basis.




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