4 Essentials every functional bathroom design needs

Bathrooms are an exciting space in the home, the first place you go to get ready for your day and the last space where you can relax and unwind from a big day, so when redesigning the space, a common mistake many Sydney homeowners make is by not taking the time to plan properly which results in the bathroom not functioning effectively.

It’s essential you decide what you want to incorporate into your design before you plan the layout. Our bathroom designer Summar has collated the must-have features to include in your bathroom design to ensure its functionality.

It’s all in the planning

The key to a functional bathroom design is ensuring the design takes into consideration your lifestyle as well as the needs of your family. You need to consider who will be using the bathroom and what inclusions will you need to make your life a whole lot easier.

For example – do you have a growing family or younger children? Then a solution for your bathroom would need to include a bathtub that is easy to access, reasonable height, soft curves, and swivel tapware to ensure the children don’t hit their heads. Perhaps you may need to consider durable tapware and storage solutions. The best way to get your bathroom design right the first time is to prepare and consider these things in advance. Consider this guide to create a child-friendly bathroom.

Storage Solutions

A functional bathroom is never complete without storage to house all your face and hair accessories – not to mention also ensuring your storage is perfectly positioned.

Including a combination of versatile storage options such as shaving cabinets, in-built hidden shelving behind a mirror, open shelves in the vanity, and purpose-built shelving in the vanity.

Choosing the right fixtures

With so many brands and choices on the market, this is an area where our clients struggle with. The right tapware and fixtures will make a world of difference to your bathroom space and change the way you use your bathroom. Our tips for choosing the correct fixtures and tapware are to do your research, read reviews and choose your products based on the quality and warranty! You don’t want to end up with issues once your bathroom is complete so this investment is critical.

Incorporate a touch of luxury

If your space allows it there are so many inclusions to consider that give your bathroom a touch of luxury feel.

Bathroom designing can be fun and rewarding, our top picks are underfloor heating, illuminated mirror lighting, or custom cabinetry, consumers believe it is quite expensive but in fact, it is quite affordable!

Ready to start planning your new bathroom? Our design team can help you create a functional design that will make your bathroom a relaxation sanctuary.  Book a FREE in-home or video consultation with one of our designers today!